📍 Location of Servers

High availability cluster

There are 3 data centres hosted on AWS, located in US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Europe (France) regions. They perform the same functions and act as a high-availability cluster with active/active node configuration.

Latency based routing

DNS queries of api.taggun.io will respond with the IP Address of the resource that provides the best latency. For example: If latency is lowest between the caller and Sydney data centre, the DNS query of api.taggun.io will resolve to the IP Address of the Sydney data centre.
You can also specify the target data centre locations. This is useful if your application needs to comply with data sovereignty regulation. However, we recommend using api.taggun.io , so that it can automatically failover to another region when necessary. Use these data centre specific


api-au.taggun.io will resolve to the IP Address of Sydney data centre in Australia
api-us.taggun.io will resolve to the IP Address of the Oregon data centre in North America.
api-fr.taggun.io will resolve to the IP Address of the France data centre in Europe.